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How to Pick and Wear a Patron Saint Medal

The Catholic Church honors certain saints as patrons or advocates of various aspects of life, such as occupations, locations, situations, and groups of people. These saints are examples of holiness and devotion who pray for us from heaven and encourage us in our earthly journey.

One way to honor and invoke the patron saints is to wear a medal that bears their image and name. A patron saint medal is a small metal disc that usually has the saint’s picture on one side and a symbol or inscription on the other. It can be worn as a pendant on a chain or a bracelet, or attached to a rosary or a keychain. And how do you determine which patron saint medal to put on? And what are the perks and importance of putting one on? Here are some advice and facts to aid you.

First, you can choose a patron saint medal based on your personal connection or interest. For example, you can pick a saint who shares your name, birthday, nationality, or occupation. You can also choose a saint who is associated with your hobbies, talents, passions, or challenges. You can browse through a patron saint directory online or in print to find out more about the different patron saints and their attributes.

A different way to pick a patron saint medal is to think about your desires or goals. For example, if you desire healing from disease or injury, you can put on a medal of St. Raphael the Archangel, who is the guardian of health and healing. If you desire protection from danger or evil, you can put on a medal of St. Michael the Archangel, who is the guardian of peace and justice. If you desire guidance in your education or work, you can put on a medal of St. Thomas Aquinas, who is the patron of educators and scholars.

Another way to pick a patron saint medal is to consider your devotion or gratitude. For example, if you have a special fondness or reverence for a certain saint, you can put on their medal as an indication of your fondness and fidelity. You can also put on a medal of a saint who has aided you in the past or who has fulfilled your prayers as a way of thanking them and honoring them.

After you have chosen your patron saint medal, you can use it with trust and assurance. You can also pray to your patron saint often and ask for their help and support in your everyday life. You can also learn more about their virtues and stories by reading their writings and biographies.

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