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How to Make air conditioner Serve for Many Years

Do you know that an air condition lasts for a period between nine years and twenty? If you want your air conditioner to serve you for more years then you need essential tips. This article has the tips you require.

You have to evaluate energy efficiency. There is no doubt that this is a very helpful strategy to embrace, read more. You can start by checking the SEER and you should know that when the number is high the efficiency is also high. An upgrade is required for the ratio that is below 14. If you are no longer using air conditioner make sure that you turn it off so that you do not misuse energy.

You should maintain cleanliness of the air conditioner. Cleaning should be done as regular as possible. You need to wipe the unit’s exterior and interior on monthly basis and vacuum the areas that collect dust, check it out! Check whether there is dirt or dust accumulation in the condenser coils once in a year.

Consider changing filter severally read more here. The period of changing filter depends on usage, you can do it after a month or 3 months. In case you have pets and the quality of the air in your home is poor you can change the filter every month. You should ensure that the filter is facing the right direction to capture maximum dust.

Consider finding out leaks. Leaks should make you shut off the power air conditioner urgently before doing anything else to avoid complex problems. You should check for visible signs of leaks from connections. The leaks should be sealed properly using the right materials. You can contact a professional to help.

Your air conditioner need rest. Make an effort of turning off your air conditioner when not using it. Through this, you can be sure that your AC will not overwork and you must save energy. At night you can reduce the use of air conditioner more when you sleep.

Let air circulate, learn more here. Dust and dirt accumulation in the air conditioner can result into overheat and also deficient airflow and this can lead to wearing out of the motor. You can prevent this by checking the air ducts and vents so that you can clean them.

It’s important to plan for professional service. You need a professional for repair, maintenance, cleaning and other services. Contact a professional technician when it is spring season. The usage of air conditioner during this season is low. You should not ignore what you will get from this guide for perfect air conditioning service.

Author: aebi